integrative freedom

you are the medicine 

as an inner integration steward 

i invite you to access and align with your purpose

through embodiment

i invite intimacy with your unique divine essence

the source expression you embody

your heart medicine

 inner integration is the work of becoming intimate

with your power and freedom through


i am guided by lifetimes of work with the divine feminine, parallel lives in arts and liberation movements

and infinite love for all beings 

we may explore

spiritual integration  // self & entity awareness

power integration // sun.moon synergy

expression integration // creative birthing 

life cycle integration  // ritual stewardship

digestive integration // colon hydrotherapy

voice integration // (un)singing & d(ila)w expression

this is the work of joy, pleasure, and dreaming as much as the work of grief, trauma, oppression, melancholia, isolation, repression, violence

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