you are the medicine 

kin to kin >> interegenerating our medicines

3 moon cycle journey

inner earth stewardship


Elders, Ritual,  Ancestors

Ate Janet

Ate B

Ate Nati

Ritual, Language & Elders





Embodying Sovereignty

Somatics  // Ea Torrado

Spirit Awareness // Lukayo 

Breath // Tash

Earth Identity & Ego 


Temples & Land

Earth // 

Eros // Lorina

Entrepreneurship // 

 Spirit Led Sustenance

Kin to Kin

is a three month tending of the sacred fire between generations and geographies of kapwa remembering regenerative ways of relating to self, community, earth, ancestors through ritual, somatics, sexuality, spirituality & sacred economy.

Every Moon Cycle

November - February

Knowledge-Tending by Stewards

Full Moon Medicine & Vision Circle

New Moon Meditation in Tagalog

Discussion Circle

Support Pod

Discussion Circles

October: Ritual, Language, Eldership

Stewarding Land and Culture 

Through Generations 


November: Earth, Identity & Ego

Rooting Relationss in Earth & Spirit

December: Spirit Led Sustenance

Entrepreneurship, Empire-Ending &

Creating Sacred Economies


Live Sessions Recorded for Later Access

Pre-Recorded New Moon Meditation 

Support Pods of 3-4 people

Sacred Exchange

i am growing // 77

i am thriving // 99

i am abundant // 111

i need another option // ***

**per month (CAD) please read sacred economy invitation

Curious kapwatids are highly encouraged to schedule a call

if comfortable to discuss more if this program aligns

Application Deadline October 21st

Before Oct. 1st registrants receive a gift of Nourishing Kapwa in 2021



kin to kin