you are the medicine 

i have been invited into intimacy with illness

a brilliant and mischevious shadow worker

asking me to shed 

what no longer aligns

with my truest essence

while bringing me into relation with

a mycellica of sacred medicines 

to thiravananpuram, chennai, benagluru, coimbatore, delhi

into connection with ayurveda and panchakarma

to palawan in ritual to restore relations with disturbed spirits

into connection with baylan, one of whom led me

to sobonfu some and dagara cosmologies of burkina faso

into a cowrie shell divination with malidoma some

 a reading that recast medicine memory in my bones that

stewarding authentic soul expression

is this deepest gift i/we offer 

in relation to one another 

in these times

as i continue to invite myself back into the medicine of authentic connection with self, earth, community, creator, love and life

may i carry the honour to remind us of the medicine we carry in our bones


i name illness and some of her primordial ancient medicines in my life to honour the profound impact that they have imparted on my own inner medicine remembrance and to honour the shadow worker that has brought me so surrepetitiously to them

loving, living and born in scarborough/tkaronto, two-row wampum covenant treaty territory, i humbly live through questions of sovereignty, sexuality, liberation, community care and decolonization as a queer filipina daughter of care workers born in scarborough to parents who migrated through streams of domestic work from mindoro and luzon.

my first curiosities in indigenous integration work emerged in watching my lola engage in the bodywork of "hilot" with the power of prayer.